The staggering cost to be whole…

Well, this morning I got some serious sticker shock, and then I thought I’d share the insanity that insurance does and does not cover.

Therapy Approximately $1500 out of pocket!
Laser Hair Removal Approximately $975 out of pocket!
Medications Approximately $350 out of pocket!

Now, thank whatever higher beings that may or may not exist that my insurance company covers my endocrinologist visits. The labs run anywhere from 650-875 every three months right now, depending on what she wants to see, and seeing her is like $250 dollars. But aside from what insurance covers, I’ve spent in excess of 2825 US Dollars out of my own pocket to treat my medical condition this year.

Of course, I’m not done yet…. For the next year:

Therapy and the two required letters for surgery. Approximately $500-1000
Laser Hair Removal Approximately $1500 remaining if I just get to “finished”
Medications $200-300

Of course, thats just for the next year. Somewhere in the ballpark of $2200-$2800. Hopefully after the next year that will drop to a yearly maintenance cost of $200-$300 dollars. :(

Then we get to surgery, excluding travel expenses…. runs approximately $19,500 for just Male to Female bottom surgery. And that is if there are no complications or issues, and everything works out in a one step surgery. Of course, then I recently noticed a number of surgeons seem to have the same pricing, and my mind goes to price fixing…. to ensure maximum profit!

I think it is insane that insurance companies DON’T pay, which allows doctors to set… what could almost be interpreted as insane fees, which financially devastates people when they have insurance AND they have a valid medical condition that they are trying to correct, yet they are forced to pay out of pocket for everything.

Welcome to the grim world of my financial future.

I wonder how much my soul is worth….  :(

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