The end of one year, the beginning of another.

This year has been interesting… I guess interesting is the least descriptive word that I can use.

I’ve made great strides and changes in my life, and as things have stabilized for me, at least on some level where I’m living as a woman full time, and I started to truly know what happiness was, the world started to shift around me.

I don’t pretend to know where the world is shifting to, but I’m going to try and keep up with it, and stay up beat.

This past year has given me a some amazing life lessons and taught me who my true family and friends are.  Pain is a mean teacher, but it teaches with a clarity that is difficult to obtain otherwise.  There is also something to be said for shedding the old… the old self… and the costumes of the old self.  I gutted my closet this past weekend and donated nearly everything from my old self’s wardrobe.

This next year, I’m hoping to be able to pull of SRS which emotionally is a very big life goal for me.  I can’t put into words the pain I feel looking at my current genitals.  There is no happiness there, there is only a numbness necessary to get to the next day.  I know it sounds depressing and it is, but we all do things to cope, to get us to the next day.

I might also learn some French, get a desk lamp, and listen to more music this year.  I have a few more goals for this year, but I’ve got to keep at least a few secret from my fans. :)

So here is to the New Year, with hopefully less pain, more happiness, success, and an attitude of ass kickery that it deserves.

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