I had a bit of a new experience tonight

So I experienced something new today.  I got home after my laser appointment this afternoon, jumped on my work laptop, worked for a little bit, and then took my sweater off.  I was feeling a little uncomfortable after wearing my bra since 5:30 AM, so I removed my bra, however I was still wearing a tank top.  Shortly there after, I was called into the into the kitchen where my spouse was cooking dinner.  As I walked there, I felt the cold air flowing through my tank top and across my nipples.  Needless to say, that was a sensation that I’ve never felt before, and I really can’t describe it in any other way then “my eyes wanted to roll up and back into my head”.  I think that means “it was good”.  Of course, I ended up having to explain all this to my spouse… and I’m fairly sure she was not amused.

Of course, that was on top of the insane endorphine high that was today’s laser treatment.  Face and chest all the way down… well, to about an inch below where my jeans sit.  The laser tech turned the power WAY up on my chest, again on my face, and I yelped many… many… times.

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