Getting out, making new friends, and a side note about head hunters.

Last night, I managed to make it out to a local munch at a new venue for the munch.  It was insanely loud, but it was really neat to be able to see friends, talk about all sorts of silly crazy things, and even get into very deep conversations about gender, gender identity, hormone effects, and perceptions of gender in a professional environment.  Not what you’d normally expect at a munch, but it was really awesome.

Another thing that was awesome, is somebody said that they looked at me when I came in, and I didn’t read as Trans to them, I didn’t read as a guy, I read as a woman.  Frankly, that just rocked to me, and made me very happy.  It is odd to me that I’m having to explain to people that I’m trans in a community with a larger then average transgendered population…. something tells me I’m kind of blending in.

It was refreshing to get out, talk to people, and leave my worries at home.  Plus friends that were in the know kept giving me hugs.  It was great… and I’m such a girl now because I’m crying.  And now my Corgi is looking at me all concerned.

On top of the munch this week, I’m going to a new support group that was formed at a nearby university next monday.  They meet weekly which is going to be impossible for me to get to when it starts every week, but I’ll make an effort for the first one and see where things go.  It primarily caters to students on campus, but it will hopefully be a good venue for me to make some new friends, and maybe my experience will help those who are kind of questioning or exploring.

Now for my bit about head hunters.  I’m amazingly surprised how gendered head hunters can be.  Prior to my transition, I very rarely received or phone calls from female head hunters, like it was a once in a blue moon thing.  Now that my resume is circulating with my new name (because I was tired of people calling for my old name all the bloody time), I’m being contacted by female head hunters about 80% of the time, and male head hunters the other 20% of the time.  Maybe its a market shift, but it just makes me wonder if thats how the the disparity in pay rates between the genders is being perpetuated.  Just food for thought, or maybe consumption.

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