An explanation of my last post

The truth of the situation is always hidden away, and I feel like I need to explain what is mentally going on with me, so one can at least put my last post into appropriate context.

Beyond my depression, which is rather bad right now because of the relationship issues, the last two nights I’ve had panic attacks.  The night before last… things were not well, and I kind of lost it and cried for a long time eventually falling asleep.

Last night, I pulled into my driveway and began to experience another panic attack.  After I managed to calm myself down enough to not be in a place where I would emotionally crash and burn, I came inside and took trazodone, fed/walked the dog, got back into my bedroom, stripped down and put pajamas on, and curled up into bed and typed that post.

If this continues to happen, I’m not going to be functional in my own house, which is going to be a bad thing… a very bad thing… especially since I’m on the cusp of another panic attack this morning.  I can feel it.  In the immortal words of His Majesty’s Stationary Office, I’m going to “Keep Calm and Carry On”, or at least try to.

Anyway, time to walk the corgi of doom and then head to my endocrinologist’s office for her vampires to take numerous viles of blood for all sorts of tests.  Breakfast, and then work.

Oh, will somebody for the love of god share a cute lolcat picture or two?  K THX BAI

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