Migraines, Doctors, and Stress

Well, I think yesterday was a bit too much for me to handle stress wise.  I hit a point where… it was just too much.  When the operational highest priorities collide!

The result about a half an hour later was that I started to get a really bad migraine.  Bad enough that I had trouble keeping my balance.  Bad enough that I had vertigo lasting into the wee hours of the morning.

Today, I went to see my doctor, and its official.  I’ve been told to de-stress.  My doctor suspects that the discomfort I’ve been having the past two weeks or so with my stomach have me being… really kind to it realizing somehow that I was close to developing an ulcer, and guess what, I’ve had 4 stress induced ulcers in my life.  BAD!  I also got some sample pills to lower my stomach acid levels.  So we shall see.

So anyway, more relaxing, less stress.

One big plus for the day, my doctor’s office appeared to mark out M and put in F.  It makes me smile.

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