About Evil Cow!

Some might wonder, where did the concept of the evil cow come from… what does it represent?

I’ll tell you!  Meanwhile, my stuffed animal cow says “I’ll crush them with my iron hoof!”

Okay, you MIGHT be getting the idea of where this is going now.

Anyway, a long long time ago, in a land not far away, the wonderful woman that I was dating who is now my wonderful wife, was coming over for dinner, and said “I have a soft and horny present for you!” Having boy genetics (BOOO!) and at that time the resulting scourge Testosterone flowing through my veins, my mind immediately went to awfully naughty places, yet I was stumped. When she arrived, she had the cutest cow stuffed animal ever.  Cow has since taken over my life, and we are inseparable when it comes to sleep.  His only nemesis is the black cat which seeks to kneed any stuffed animal or blanket six to ten times a day.

Now Cow, who we refer to as “Snugglybutt COOOOOWWWWWW, Esquire”, has a friend called “Monkey”.  They spend their time hiding on our bed, in blanket and pillow forts to protect them from the cats, but they do travel with us everywhere.

Anyhow, Cow is my mascot, but he is quite evil, and would build a volcano fortress of DOOOOOMMMMMMMM if he could.  For now, Cow will just have to enjoy life with his pink ribbons on his horns.  In short, Cow is my conduit for expression, and so is this site.